When it comes to protecting the natural beauty of your smile, preserving your natural teeth and oral health is our top priority. At Smiles Family Dental, we go above and beyond to save even the most badly damaged or infected teeth, thanks to the precision treatment of root canal therapy in Irving, Texas.

With the winning combination of our talented dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Rebecca Kim, and top-tier technology, you can count on us to provide you with some of the quickest and most effective procedures available in the Irving area! Call 972-444-9337 today to learn more!

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Endodontic therapy, or a root canal, as it is commonly known, is the procedure which removes the entire pulp throughout the root canal system within a tooth. This is done when infection has reached the tooth’s pulp, which compromises the integrity of the tooth and can cause extreme dental discomfort or pain.

To eliminate the infection and save the natural tooth, the infected pulp is removed from the canal. The canal is then cleaned and filled with a synthetic filling. Finally, a dental sealant is applied to the tooth, preserving its structural integrity.

Am I a Candidate for a Root Canal?

There are over 15 million endodontic therapy procedures performed each year, thanks to their effectiveness in preserving a patient’s natural teeth. Determining whether or not you need to join this statistic by having a root canal requires a consultation with a dentist. However, if any of these conditions apply to your dental health, you may want to schedule a consultation.

  • Severe Pain or Dental Discomfort: If you are suffering from any mouth pain, you should bring it to the attention of your dentist. However, intense, spontaneous pain is a high indicator that one or more of your natural teeth has been infected and would need a root canal.
  • Abscess: Caused by bacterial infection, abscesses are infected pockets of buildup that can appear at different locations around a tooth. When they cannot be treated on their own, a root canal is performed to prevent further complications.
  • Bumps on the Gums: Clinically known as a “fistula,” bumps or blister-like sores along the gums are a strong indicator of infection, which may require endodontic therapy to treat. Let your dentist know immediately if you have any gum sores.
  • Sensitivity to Hot and Cold: While everyone’s sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks can differ, a noticeable change in tolerance can be a cause for concern. Lingering pain or discomfort after having a hot or cold drink should be addressed by a dentist. A root canal may help!
  • Chipped or Cracked Tooth: Damaged teeth increase the likelihood of infection or the formation of an abscess because the tooth’s pulp is exposed to bacteria. If caught early enough, a root canal can prevent dental damage from causing pain, decay or infection.
  • Tooth Discoloration: While there are several factors that can alter a tooth’s color, if you notice a single tooth darkening (often a greyish-black discoloration), this is a sign of pulpitis. To save the tooth from further discoloration and infection, endodontic therapy may be recommended.

If any of the issues above describe your current situation, our team at Smiles Family Dental is here to help. Schedule a consultation and see if laser root canal therapy can relieve any pain and preserve your natural teeth.

What Is the Root Canal Therapy Process?

The goal of a root canal is to remove the infected pulp within a tooth. Traditional endodontic therapy techniques use specific tools to create an opening of the troubled tooth, allowing the compromised interior chamber of the tooth to be drained, disinfected and then sealed.

Laser Root Canals at Smiles Family Dental

Smiles Family Dental’s commitment to each patients’ health and comfort has inspired us to combine traditional techniques with the latest in dental health technology.

At our practice, our dental team has access to highly precise dental lasers. These make it possible to more effectively remove the infected pulp and exterminate bacteria, lowering the chances of a recurring infection. This top-tier technology allows quicker and more accurate access to a tooth’s inner chamber, all while providing superior sterilization.

In short, this laser-guided procedure offers a more precise way of preserving a natural tooth while decreasing discomfort and increasing recovery time!

Schedule a Consultation To Preserve Your Teeth’s Natural Beauty

There is no need to go another day in dental discomfort or worrying about losing a natural tooth. Not with Smiles Family Dental a single call or click away! Contact us today and schedule your consultation to see if you can benefit from root canal therapy.