When it comes to corrective treatment for incoming adult teeth, ages 12 through 17 are a vital time for dental development. However, these years are vital to developmental stages beyond just dental health, such as social skills, discovering interests in school and other important milestones in life.

We at Smiles Family Dental appreciate this, which is why we offer Invisalign® clear aligners treatment for teens in Irving, Texas, providing noninvasive and discreet orthodontist correction that should not disrupt any development in these formative years. To learn more, schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Rebecca Kim, by calling 972-444-9337.

Is Invisalign Treatment Right for Teens?

In most cases, a child should see an orthodontist by age 7, as it is best to catch any dental health issues as early as possible. While deciduous teeth (commonly called baby teeth or primary teeth) may appear straight, there could be issues happening below the gumline where adult teeth are preparing to emerge, and it takes a trained orthodontist to catch these issues.

While it is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is just for teenagers (preventive orthodontic work can be done for people of all ages, including toddlers and adults), it is true that the teenage years may see the most drastic developmental changes.

To ensure that your child can receive the best treatment during this time, Smiles Family Dental incorporates advanced dental technology like Invisalign clear aligners.

Not only are Invisalign treatments becoming more and more popular due to their incredible results, but they are also less conspicuous than traditional metal and wire braces. They can even be removed, making them ideal for social situations or sporting events your teen may be involved in.

The Benefits Provided by Invisalign Clear Aligners

The Invisalign treatment provided by the talented dental team at Smiles Family Dental creates a wide range of benefits for your teen.

Invisalign Braces Are Convenient and Subtle

Unlike traditional corrective procedures like metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed in order to brush and floss your teeth. This makes it easier for your teen to adhere to a routine of good oral hygiene, helping ensure they will be able to take care of the wonderful smile this treatment will help give them.

In addition, Invisalign clear aligners are just that: clear. This makes them less obvious than the metal and wired braces of past generations, removing any fear of a “metal mouth.” If your teenager is self-conscious about how braces might impact their appearance and hates the idea of wearing prominent metal braces, then the Invisalign treatment option may be right for them.

Invisalign Aligners Are Comfortable

But being discreet and less invasive is not the only upside to the Invisalign treatment. Thanks to the patented medical-grade materials they are made of, Invisalign clear aligners use slower and gentler movements than traditional braces, minimizing any dental discomfort and virtually eliminating pain.

If your teenager is particularly sensitive to or concerned about pain or discomfort, then Invisalign clear aligners create a wonderful solution!

These benefits are all due to the SmartTrack® technology developed by the Invisalign treatment. Where previous generations of braces consisted of metallic hardware, Invisalign clear aligners use SmartTrack plastics that allow for more flexibility and even removability.

This provides physically active teens or those that play high contact sports like football or hockey the opportunity to excel, as Invisalign clear aligners do not slow them down!

Consider a Consultation To See If the Invisalign Treatment Is Right for Your Teen

Here at Smiles Family Dental, we want only the best for each of our patients, which is why we believe it is important to answer any questions regarding treatment options. We want to encourage you to schedule a consultation and discover what treatment options are available to your teen.

Contact our office today if any of the following benefits of the Invisalign treatment appeal to your teen:

  • Nearly Invisible Appearance: Invisalign clear aligners are nearly undetectable, meaning they will not distract others from your smile. This is a great option for people who want straighter teeth without brackets and wires.
  • Comfort: Each Invisalign clear aligner is crafted from medical-grade transparent materials. There are no sharp edges or poking wires, and they are completely personalized to fit perfectly in your mouth.
  • Cleaner Teeth: The Invisalign treatment uses removable corrective aligners, allowing for more thorough brushing. It is important to properly care for teeth and gums during treatment so you will have not only a straight smile but a healthy one as well.
  • No Food Restrictions: One of the most challenging aspects of traditional braces is the restrictive diet to make sure the wiring is not compromised. These problems have been eliminated with Invisalign clear aligners, as you can simply remove the tray before eating.

Contact Our Office Today To Bring Out Your Teen’s Finest Smile With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Here at Smiles Family Dental, we made it a goal to take advantage of the convenient, comfortable and nearly invisible alternative to braces. Invisalign clear aligners provide all these benefits and more!

Discover what this state-of-the-art treatment can do for your loved ones by scheduling a consultation today. You will be able to provide them with the picturesque smile they have always wanted.