Preparing for dental health emergencies can be very difficult. Thankfully, Smiles Family Dental is here for you when you need us! If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Irving, Texas, contact us at 972-444-9337 immediately. Our dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Rebecca Kim, and our team are ready to help.

Signs of a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can bring your day-to-day life to a sudden halt. Intense dental discomfort can make concentrating on even the simplest task an unthinkable effort, and tooth pain can become debilitating. Even the anxiety of watching a loved one deal with a dental emergency can be stressful!

Whether it is you or a loved one experiencing the emergency, know that Smiles Family Dental is here for you. Should any of the following symptoms apply to you, you may be experiencing a dental emergency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Intense Pain or Dental Discomfort

The most common indicator that you may need emergency dental services is whether or not you are in discomfort or pain. There are a multitude of medical reasons why you may be experiencing these symptoms, from an impacted tooth to infected gums.

Smiles Family Dental encourages anyone in dental pain to call our office so we can diagnose the problem quickly and get you the relief you require. Dental pain can be debilitating, but the solution is right here in our office.

Sudden Tooth Loss

Losing adult teeth creates complications for your dental health. If your tooth loss was due to trauma such as a sporting incident or workplace accident, the entire tooth might not be lost, but the remaining section of the tooth can cut the soft tissue of your mouth and still needs to be addressed.

If the tooth loss was not the result of a trauma and just fell out, this could be a sign of advanced periodontal disease. If this gum disease has advanced to the point of loose or lost teeth, it can mean you have a potentially life-threatening infection within your gums. Call our practice immediately for instructions on how to deal with these situations!

Excessive Bleeding

If you are experiencing excessive bleeding after brushing or flossing, or your gums seem to bleed without cause, contact our office. This may be a warning sign of advancing gum disease like gingivitis or infection brought on by periodontitis. Getting treatment for these conditions as early as possible may be the only chance of preserving your natural teeth.

In order to stem the bleeding before receiving your professional treatment, make sure to use gauze or another clean fabric that will not disintegrate in your mouth the way tissue paper would.

Uncomfortable Swelling

If you are experiencing uncomfortable swelling in the soft tissue of your mouth (gums or cheeks), this may be a sign of harmful bacteria progressing into infection. This is a very serious issue, as infection in your mouth can not only lead to tooth loss or a compromised jawbone, but it can also be potentially life-threatening.

If the swelling has persisted for some time, do not wait. Call our office so we can provide you with an examination and treatment options to stop the spread of infection!

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth is a very painful infection, usually found at the root of your tooth. The most common causes are an untreated cavity or severe gum disease. These can also appear when a tooth has suffered trauma that has resulted in a breakage or chipped tooth, which can expose the soft tissue or pulp.

Dealing with an abscess will help prevent the infection from spreading, stop fevers from occurring and make sure that there is no facial or glandular swelling. It will also help eliminate the severe dental pain that can come from an abscess.

Severe or Constant Toothache

If you have a toothache that has persisted or increased in severity, it is time to seek relief and possibly save your tooth. Minor toothaches allow for a variety of treatment options, some available at home.

However, if your toothache causes immense pain, there can be several different factors which need to be diagnosed immediately or the troubled tooth may be lost. If you or a loved one is experiencing severe tooth pain, it is much better to have it treated now than to risk it getting worse!

Do Not Go Another Day in Pain — Contact Us Now for Your Emergency Dental Needs!

At Smiles Family Dental, we sympathize that a dental health emergency can be a major disruptor in your day-to-day life. That is why we encourage anyone who is in pain to reach out and contact our office as soon as possible to allow our talented team of dental professionals to help.

We can provide peace of mind and pain relief, so do not suffer a moment longer than necessary. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing a dental emergency!