For most of us, there has been a time where we wanted a bit more from our smile. After all, it is only natural to want to bring out our finest smiles and feel confident when sharing them! To help every patient achieve that confident feeling, Smiles Family Dental offers dental bonding services as well as white fillings. To learn more about dental bonding and composite fillings in Irving, Texas, contact our dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Rebecca Kim, at 972-444-9337.

How Dental Bonding Can Enhance Your Smile

Dental bonding (also known as tooth bonding) is one of the most straightforward and noninvasive techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

This treatment begins with a dentist using a shade guide to choose a composite resin color that closely matches the color of your natural teeth. We will then prepare the surface of your tooth and apply a conditioning liquid to help the bonding resin adhere to the tooth better.

Once these stages of preparation are complete, our skilled dentists will apply the composite resin over the liquid. This resin can be shaped so it is a perfect match to your other natural teeth. Finally, it is hardened using ultraviolet lights.

As an added bonus, most dental bonding procedures are so efficient there is not a need for anesthesia. You should be able to dive back into your daily routine almost immediately after the procedure!

Conditions Dental Bonding Can Resolve

If you are looking to enhance your smile so you can feel your finest when showing it off, schedule a consultation today. During the dental consultation, tooth bonding may be brought up if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Chipped, Broken or Damaged Teeth: If any of your teeth have suffered trauma that has damaged the enamel (the hard exterior of the tooth), repairing and reshaping the tooth is easily addressed with a dental bonding procedure. Not only can this help the tooth’s integrity to fight against infection, but it also improves the tooth’s appearance.
  • Discolored Teeth: If one or more of your teeth have been discolored due to coffee stains, wine stains or neglect, the tooth bonding resin comes in different shades to conceal and eliminate these stains. The discoloration issue should be resolved when the resin bonds with your tooth, and it will be able to protect it from future stains as well.
  • Misshapen Teeth or Tooth Gaps: The resin of the dental bonding is malleable before the ultralight treatment, allowing a skilled dental technician to sculpt away many different imperfections of a tooth. For example, if one tooth is shorter or thinner than the rest, the resin can be used to make the troublesome tooth match your other natural teeth.

Concerned About Cavities? White Fillings May Be the Solution

Along with dental bonding, one of the most direct and noninvasive dental procedures is fillings. As the name implies, this process involves “filling” a cavity in a tooth’s enamel with a biocompatible composite resin. This restores oral health and bite balance, and it reduces the risk of future dental damage.

Thanks to the natural-looking white fillings we provide, patients can enjoy a beautiful dental restoration while also enjoying the benefits of a more durable tooth. Consider scheduling a consultation on white fillings to fix dental cavities, especially if you are interested in:

  • Maintaining a natural looking smile
  • Avoiding the hypersensitivity sometimes associated with traditional fillings
  • Improving stability, thanks to the composite resin’s temperature resistance

How To Care for Tooth Bonding and White Fillings

At Smiles Family Dental, we offer tooth bonding services to make you as confident as possible in your smile. That not only includes the dental treatments that you may select, but we will also answer any questions you might have pertaining to them.

For many patients, they are curious whether dental bonding or white fillings require any additional services or upkeep. After all, such a quick and effective procedure must require additional maintenance, right?

This is actually not true! Taking care of your bonded teeth is just as easy as taking care of your natural teeth. The following tips will help you combat dental neglect and drastically lower your chances of having an oral healthcare crisis:

  • Daily brushing and flossing
  • Limiting hard candy and sugary food intake
  • Limiting substances such as tobacco, coffee and wine to avoid staining

Best of all, you can depend on our practice to continue keeping your bonded teeth and your natural teeth in peak condition by scheduling regular checkups and general dentistry procedures. Click here to see all the general dentistry services we offer.

Say Goodbye to Tooth Imperfections After Giving Us a Call

Whether it is a cavity that needs filling or a troublesome tooth that needs correcting, Smiles Family Dental is waiting to help you achieve your finest smile. Schedule your tooth bonding consultation today, and say goodbye to cavities, chipped teeth and more!