Our skilled dentists and team use advanced laser treatments to help manage sleep apnea so that you can sleep well at night and enjoy better overall health. The state-of-the-art Fotona NightLase® and SnoreLase treatments are a safe, non-invasive and gentle alternative to more traditional sleep apnea treatments. Call Smiles Family Dental today at 972-444-9337 to make your appointment with Dr. Angelie Zamora or Dr. Rebecca Kim and learn more about NightLase and SnoreLase in Irving, Texas.

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Sleep apnea occurs when the airway is blocked, preventing the normal flow of air and breathing while asleep. When untreated, this condition contributes to or causes a number of serious medical problems as well as increases your risk of accidents while driving or in the workplace. Our dentists and team offer laser therapy using the Fotona NightLase and SnoreLase lasers.

NightLase® & SnoreLase

NightLase and SnoreLase involve the use of a gentle laser to heat and tighten the tissues of the throat and airways. This reduces snoring and helps keep your airway open so that you can breathe easily and get the oxygen you need while asleep. When you receive this treatment, plan on three sessions over a six-week period.

Benefits of NightLase and SnoreLase include:

  • Results that last up to a year
  • A repeatable treatment
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Completely non-invasive treatment
  • Fully customized treatment to meet your needs
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If you want to smooth out mild to moderate wrinkles around your mouth, ask our team about Smoothlase therapy. Smoothlase can tighten your oral issues, including inside your mouth, to improve your appearance and make you look younger. Sleep apnea symptoms caused by loose oral tissues may also be relieved or reduced due to the tightening effect of tissues in the mouth.

We welcome you to contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if NightLase, SnoreLase or Smoothlase therapy are right for you!

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